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Meryl Lefkovich Portrait 1_by Studio Mis

Meryl is primarily a self-taught artist based in Asheville, NC by way of the Boston area. Art and design have been both a passion and profession for many years. 


She has a degree in Art History from Framingham State University. Her creative journey has taken her down many paths; painter, art consultant, travel agent, gallery manager, interior design, jewelry designer and back again to painter. 

She is influenced by  European travels, history, mythology, flora and fauna: inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime.

The threads running through her work are color, connection, energy, nature and whimsy. Mostly in that order.

She feels she finally gotten the hang of balancing realism and abstract which has made life far more enjoyable. 


Meryl Lefkovich Design

129 Roberts Street, Asheville, NC 28805


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