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Meryl is primarily a self-taught artist based in Asheville, NC by way of the Boston area. Art and design have been both a passion and profession for many years. 


She has a degree in Art History from Framingham State University. Her creative journey has taken her down many paths; painter, art consultant, travel agent, gallery manager, interior design, jewelry designer and back again to painter. 

She is influenced by  European travels, history, mythology, flora and fauna. Her most recent work explores issues around the meaning of sanctuary, women's issues, personal growth, and our inner worlds.

The threads running through her work are color, connection, energy, nature and whimsy. Mostly in that order.

She feels she finally gotten the hang of balancing realism and abstract which has made life far more enjoyable. 

Artist Statement

As an artist, I am captivated by the intersection of the natural world and the surreal imagination. My work is a journey into the depths of the subconscious, where animals and women seamlessly intertwine with the organic beauty of nature. Originally hailing from Boston and now residing in the enchanting landscapes of Asheville, my art is a reflection of the diverse environments that have shaped my creative vision.


Surrealism allows me to transcend the boundaries of reality and delve into the realm of dreams and symbolism. I draw inspiration from the mysterious connection between humans and the animal kingdom, exploring the intricate threads of our shared existence. Through my art, I aim to convey the profound sense of harmony that can be found when humans reconnect with the untamed spirit of nature.


In my work, you will encounter whimsical creatures and ethereal women, both intricately woven into their natural surroundings. These compositions invite viewers to contemplate the fragile balance between humanity and the environment, and the profound impact our actions have on the world around us.


Living in Asheville has deepened my connection to the natural world and reinforced the importance of preserving its wonders. The lush landscapes, vibrant culture, and the ever-present echoes of nature's beauty in this community have become a wellspring of inspiration for my art.


My artistic journey is a constant exploration of the surreal, an endeavor to unearth the hidden connections between humanity and the wild, and an invitation to embrace the enchantment that lies just beyond the surface of reality. I invite you to join me on this extraordinary voyage through my artwork, where animals and women dance together in the enchanting embrace of nature's embrace.


Meryl Lefkovich Design


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