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About Meryl

I am an independent jewelry designer and painter based in Asheville, NC by way of the Boston area. Art and design have been both a passion and profession for many years.

As of 2018, you can find me, my paintings and my jewelry at WhiteSPACE in the Wedge Studios, 2nd floor, in the River Arts District.

I have a degree in Art History from Framingham State University. My creative journey has taken me down many paths; painter, art consultant, gallery manager, interior design to what has become my ultimate passion, metalsmithing and jewelry design.


Primarily a self taught metalsmith, I studied at Metalwerx in Waltham, MA, Tryon Arts and Crafts, Tryon NC, with Kate Wolf, Portland, ME, The Mountain Metalsmiths School of Jewelry and Lapidary in Asheville, NC and with Roberto Vengoechea, Visions of Creation, Black Mountain, NC


My jewelry is organic, influenced by flora, fauna and ancient cultures. It reflects the natural world in a bold yet delicate way, utilizing gemstones and raw diamonds. 

I was a painter before I was a jewelry designer. I took a 10 year hiatus from painting after the death of my father. I started painting again in 2018, finding that I missed the emotional connection with my subject matter and color that painting brings. I am influenced by everything around me; consequently my subject matter tends to be transient but I seek to connect all my work with color, energy and texture. Balancing realism and abstract keeps things fresh and exciting for me, the common denominator always centering on color.


Artist Statement

I am an independent jewelry designer and painter based in Asheville, NC. Art and design have been both a passion and profession for many years.   

I am inspired by the raw, organic, pure elements of nature and the art and design of ancient cultures and architecture. My background in art history and painting harmonizes with my intention to capture nature’s beauty, strength and authenticity in my jewelry and paintings.

Whether I'm painting or fabricating metal, each piece begins with an imagination, inspired by something I’ve seen in the world around me. I rarely sketch, preferring to let the work morph organically into my vision. This morphing seems to happen more in my jewelry making. However, in an effort to develop as a painter, I am trying more and more to blur the lines between representational and abstract.