About Meryl

Meryl is primarily a self-taught artist based in Asheville, NC by way of the Boston area. Art and design have been both a passion and profession for many years.

As of 2019, you can find her painting at WhiteSPACE in the Wedge Studios, 2nd floor, in the River Arts District.


She has a degree in Art History from Framingham State University. Her creative journey has taken her down many paths; painter, art consultant, travel agent, gallery manager, interior design, jewelry designer and back again to painter. 

She is influenced by  European travels and history, flora and fauna: basically by anything she sees or experiences.  Consequently she feels her subject matter tends to be transient but seeks to connect all of her work with color, energy and texture. Balancing realism and abstract keeps things fresh and exciting for, the common denominator always centering on color.


Articles about the Artist

The Laurel of Asheville

Artist Statement

I am primarily a painter and sometimes metalsmith, based in Asheville, NC by way of Boston and Cape Cod.  Art and design have been both a passion and profession for many years.   


While my background is in art history, a stint in the travel industry allowed me extensive travel opportunities which brought me face to face with many of the works of art one learns about in art history class. While my path has been rather circuitious, the inspiration of of those masterpieces (as well as the work of local native artists) became imbedded in my psyche. 

Whether I'm painting or fabricating metal, each piece begins with an imagination, inspired by something I’ve seen in the world around me. I rarely sketch, preferring to let the work morph organically into it's final form. In an effort to develop as a painter, I am trying to blur the lines between representational and abstract.