Jewelry is a way to express yourself, without saying a word...
Opal, morganite, tourmaline
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About Meryl

I am an independent jewelry designer and painter based in Asheville, NC by way of the Boston area. Art and design have been both a passion and profession for many years.

I have a degree in Art History from Framingham State University. My creative journey has taken me down many paths; painter, art consultant, gallery manager, interior design to what has become my ultimate passion, metalsmithing and jewelry design.


Primarily a self taught metalsmith, I studied at Metalwerx in Waltham, MA, Tryon Arts and Crafts, Tryon NC, with Kate Wolf, Portland, ME, The Mountain Metalsmiths School of Jewelry and Lapidary in Asheville, NC and with Roberto Vengoechea, Visions of Creation, Black Mountain, NC


My jewelry is organic, influenced by flora, fauna and ancient cultures. It reflects the natural world in a bold yet delicate way, utilizing gemstones and raw diamonds. The pure, raw and organic in nature translates to beauty, strength, inspiration and authenticity. I strive to capture this energy in my jewelry and pass it onto the wearer, connecting them to their own true nature.


Artist Statement

I am an independent jewelry designer and painter based in Asheville, NC. Art and design have been both a passion and profession for many years.   

I am inspired by the raw, organic, pure elements of nature and the art and design of ancient cultures. My background in art history and painting harmonizes with my intention to capture nature’s beauty, strength and authenticity in my jewelry. 

Each piece begins with an imagination, inspired by something I’ve seen in nature or the influence of a culture. I rarely sketch, preferring to let the materials morph naturally into my vision.

I use traditional forms of metalsmithing and the ancient craft of lost wax casting in which hard wax is carved, sculpted and then cast into metal. Into these forms and shapes are added gemstones and raw diamonds. I love raw diamonds as they illustrate the beauty and imperfection in nature, both in the world around us and in our own individual natures, as well.