Commissioning Custom Jewelry

Your jewelry is an expression of who you are. It makes a statement - this is me, this is who I am.


Couples ((bestfriends, family members, partners) can commission a piece of  jewelery as a symbol that bonds them together and shares their story. Or commission a piece for yourself, to honor a goal met, an accomplishment achieved, or just because you deserve it.


Commissioning jewelry is not just a luxury or for the wealthy. Utilizing simple designs, gemstones, a repurposed family ring or pendant, even a meaningful shell or pebble picked up on a beach or a hike; you can own a custom designed keepsake that will express and keep a memory alive. 


How do we begin?

We start with your story. I listen, learn and get to know who you are. 

Some things to consider:

Why do you want to commission a piece of jewelry and for whom.

What would it be? Necklace, ring, earring, bracelet? Other?

What inspires you? Do you have an image in mind? Photo's or imagery that speaks to you? 

Based upon our conversations, design ideas develop, pricing and deposits are discussed, and sketches and/or CAD renderings are considered and approved before production begins. 


 Depending on the design, a custom piece can be created within two weeks.  Starting design rates are $200 and dependent on stones, materials, complexity of design. 

I welcome using your gemstones as well, especially if they are sentimental to you.


Out of town?

With today’s technology, it is not always necessary to meet. We can communicate via video or email and phone.

The result?  A reflection of your true nature and unique story in a one of a kind piece of jewelry.

Please contact me via phone or email to inquire

This ring was commissioned by a client who found me through The Laurel of Asheville Magazine. We recycled the gold from her husband's ring and pendant.  Designed to harmonize with the special ruby ring she would be wearing on the same hand, this ring has double meaning for her.

I received a request from a gentleman in Germany for custom wedding rings after looking at my website. We communicated through email and a bit of online translation tools. Her ring is textured sterling silver with gold and silver spin rings and a London Blue Topaz. His ring is similar, but I added a subtle mountain range pattern once I discovered he is an avid climber.

These art nouveau inspired earrings were commissioned by a lovely woman who purchased my sterling silver ginkgo cuff from Eclipse Gallery in Wilmington, NC. We discussed the design through the owner of the gallery. Happy customer, happy gallery, happy me!
I was represented by a gallery in West Palm Beach until they closed a couple of years ago. After they closed, I received an email from the former owner asking if I'd make cufflinks for her husbands Christmas gift. As she was familar with my work, she gave me free rein with the design. What an honor and a thrill! These are sterling silver with silver and gold geodes and raw diamonds.